Chapter 2: What to Expect


Speaking as an expert in the field, Steve Distante welcomes Max Fleitmann, a serial entrepreneur and investor, to talk about how he got started in the field. Building businesses is not new for Max, having built his very first internet company at just 13 years old. He also discusses the role of fundraising when starting, as well as the different processes of raising capital without blowing up your business. Additionally, Max shares more about BaseTemplates and how it can help companies and entrepreneurs scale up their businesses.


Who’s The Guest

Max Fleitmann is a serial entrepreneur and investor who built his first internet project when he was just 13 years old. He is passionate about building tech companies and meeting amazing people. Max is also the founding partner of Wizard Ventures who bought, built, and invested into great online businesses such as BaseTemplates, VCStack, PitchDeckHunt, and StartupandVC to name a few.




Chapter 2: What to Expect

by Steve Distante with Max Flietmann | PITCHOLOGY